The purpose of a stretcher is to safely transport a patient.  There are many types of stretchers with features for specific uses.  For example, an Ambulance stretcher often has a folding undercarriage that allows it to be slid into the ambulance without having to be lifted into it. 

Ambulance Stretcher

Patients come in all shapes and sizes.  Be sure to keep the average size of your clientele in mind when purchasing a stretcher.  Some models like the Hill-Rom P8000 have different weight configurations including 500lb and 700lb variations.  

OB-GYN stretchers like the Stryker 1061, Hill-Rom P8050, and many others quickly position a patient for pelvic exams.  These types of stretchers are ideal in maternity wards and emergency rooms.

 Stryker 1061

General purpose stretchers have lots of features available.  Many offer scales that can quickly and reliably weigh patients.  Built-in IV Poles are a nice option to have as well. Maneuverability is vital and many stretchers offer motorized drive systems and/or a big wheel to reduce the push force.  Hand braking is also good to have for added control.  To adjust the height, many stretchers are equipped with hydraulic lift systems.

Stretcher with lift system

Eye stretchers are also a great solution to more specific procedures.  With dual articulation of the head section and maximum head clearance, they give doctors plenty of room for their legs during eye procedures.  Stryker 1069, 1079, & 1089 models are great options for eye stretchers.

Stryker 1089

It should come as no surprise that stretchers take quite a beating.   In life or death situations, patients are being transported quickly and may have a bumpy ride as the gurney is being lifted and pushed around in the ambulance and different hospital wings.  Stretchers often get bumped into walls and doors along the way.  When purchasing a stretcher, it’s worth paying for better shipping and handling services to prevent damage in transit.  

Whether you’re looking for a general or specialized stretcher, The Alternative Source Medical can assist you with new or refurbished options.  Call us today and we’ll be happy to help!


By AltSource Sales


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