Autoclave Refurbishment Process

* Assess the Autoclave
* Check Chamber for Pressure Leaks
* Disassemble the Autoclave for refurbishment
* Unconditionally replace the door bellows, door switch, safety valve, air jet valve, door springs and door and dam gasket.
* Rebuild or replace the Valves if needed
* Test all heating elements and replace if necessary
* Inspect all the wiring and replace any wires or terminals on the Autoclaves as needed
* Clean and Lubricate the door latch mechanism
* Clean and polish the chamber, trays and the back of the door to a high standard of quality using professional industrial equipment.
* Clean the Autoclave's reservoir tank and blow all lines and valves.
* Remove any corrosion or rust found on the sterilizer
* Cosmetically restored and paint where needed by our professional restoration person

Quality Control
* Ensure Autoclave passes spore testing parameters in various check points inside the chamber
* Machine is tested numerous times in every cycle mode to ensure factory spec performance
* Calibrate to Factory Specifications

All Autoclaves / UltraClaves are put through a final cleaning cycle with proper factory cleaner (SpeedClave) before they are boxed and shipped.

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