Sell or Trade In Your Medical Equipment

The Alternative Source Medical is always purchasing medical equipment.  When you are ready to sell un-used, retired, duplicative or depreciated assets, we are the source for you. Often, we will visit your facility to get a firsthand look at the equipment without any contractual obligation. Once the evaluation is completed, a written bid proposal is submitted for your approval.  Unlike other companies, when we submit a bid, it will be for the entire lot of equipment - not just select pieces.  By not cherry-picking select pieces, we give you the opportunity to remove all of your used, un-used, retired, duplicative or depreciated assets.  When an agreement is made, we will come to the facility and remove all the purchased equipment at no additional expense to you.

Need or Want to Dispose of Equipment?

If there is medical equipment that your facility needs to acquire or dispose of, please do not hesitate to contact The Alternative Source Medical We thank you and look forward to doing business with you.

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