It has been a surreal and life-changing set or circumstances as of late. We have been hurt locally and globally. The pain we have endured has been personal, emotional, financial. The overall fear we have never experienced in our lifetime. We are standing together, yet 6 feet apart, in hopes we can be smart, stay safe and healthy, and bounce back from this on every level.

In response to that, Alternative Source Medical has decided to fight it full force. We have taken every opportunity to help as many as we can in their time of need.

Immediately after we were told of the crisis, we had an executive meeting. We took a count of everything we had necessary to help within the coming months. From personal protective items such as masks, to equipment like ventilators, vital signs monitors, beds, stretchers, anesthesia machines, etc.

The first order of business was to go through our stock of disposable items. We were able to locate in our inventory 1000+ N95 masks, 4000+ Transport Media Vials, 250+ Purell wall hand sanitizer pumps with sanitizer, 200+ boxes of gloves (S, M, L, XL), 200+ pieces of sterilization equipment and enzymatic cleaners, 100+ polyurethane gowns, dozens of face shields, boxes of bouffant covers, and boxes of shoe covers.

As a company, we felt the need to make sure our employees are safe first and foremost over the coming months, but everything else needed to be donated to in order to help the community and the hospitals who are on the front lines battling for us.

To that end, we started putting together a plan on how to get equipment such as beds to the front lines as quickly as possible. This meant testing, repairing, certifying, cleaning, painting, on an accelerated level we have never encountered. We contacted hospitals all over the country offering our services. The response was immense.

In a matter of days, we started to mobilize hundreds of beds, stretchers, ventilators, monitors, anesthesia machines, thermometers, and more.

Our employees worked seven days a week for six weeks in order to step up to the demand. On a daily basis, we realize that what we do helps save lives, and makes a difference for patients, medical professionals, nursing home facilities, home healthcare, doctors’ offices, surgery centers, and hospitals. Perhaps the most touching and profound example of this was a thank you video received from a client in Baghdad. We sent them a Drager Babylog Ventilator. They responded to us in video with our ventilator hooked up directly to an infant in an incubator keeping the child alive. This is something that makes every moment worthwhile.

As we watch this pandemic shift, we are reminded that at any moment, at any time, our families, friends, co-workers can be taken from us. What we can do is fight head-on. Do this by following the rules, staying safe, and by taking care of those in need.

The Alternative Source Medical wants you to know, regardless of this global pandemic, we can help. Whether you need a hospital bed for your aging parent, or your facility needs a whole hospital wing built, or you want a blood pressure monitor to make sure you are healthy every day…No matter the size of the issue at hand, no matter the complexity, we are here to respond.




  Phone 847.419.0123



By Monte Montain


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